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Far Niente - 1984 S-2 11 Meter


Far Niente


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S-2 11 Meter




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Far Niente is a 1984 S-2 11 meter, that was found in Milwaukee covered with snow February 2008 and purchased 2 weeks later by Ross and Diane Carter. Far Niente's initial crossing from Milwaukee to Grand Haven took place on May 9, 2008. A great trip requiring at least five layers to keep warm.

The sources of Far Niente's name come from a delightful Italian bistro in Glendale, CA and a great winery in the Napa Valley; both with the same name. The name Far Niente is Italian for "without a care".

Far Niente is a very solid, capable cruiser with all the amenities for comfortable long term trips, of which she has made many around Lake Michigan over the past 8 years...and she can hold her own on the race course. Racing on Wednesday nights in the Grand River Sailing Clubss Beer Can Series she has won several flags. Members of our racing crew include Ross Carter, Diane Carter, Tom Miller, Donna Miller, Sid Disbrow, and Charlie Parker. Far Niente has also raced in the Queens Cup and the Double Handed race from Muskegon, MI. across the lake to Port Washington, WI.

Far Niente - 1984 S-2 11 Meter
Far Niente - 1984 S-2 11 Meter
Far Niente - 1984 S-2 11 Meter