Winches Woman's Sailing Program

In August of 2011, two GRSC Board members, Lisa Schneider and Patti Edwards, made a proposal to the Board asking that they approve an initial meeting to explore interest for a Women's Sailing Initiative. It was granted and the idea was informally marketed and within a month, 24 women had signed up! So, this initiative began.

In November of 2011, the first organizational meeting was held to determine interest and commitment. All attending (about 20) committed to the program. An agenda was set up to begin in January. At that first meeting in 2012, the name "Winches" was suggested and enthusiastically adopted. From January through April of 2012 there were classes taught by GRSC members who were seasoned sailors, including a DVD on sail trim. In May, hands-on training was conducted and women signed up for racing experiences to further learn the art of sailing. The Winches season culminated in a regatta held in July on Spring Lake with GRSC's small FJ boats normally used for the Grand Haven High School Sailing Team. The season was a success and after a newspaper article about the GRSC Winches, other women began to contact Lisa and Patti and it was determined that the program would continue for another season. So, the Winches continue...

2013 UPDATE: The 2012-13 season has proven to be further success so far with the GRSC Winches program. Six women signed up, the same format of classes were held from November through April and taught by GRSC club members who have much expertise and willingness to share their knowledge and love of sailing. The hands-on experiences took place on May 19 on Lisa Schneider's Dolphin Lady, and two Winches participated in the 8+8 Rally on June 22. A few of the women have signed up for Monday night "light" racing which has been a very nice complement for the Winches program to introduce new sailors to racing in a non-competitive environment. The Winches regatta has been set for July 13 and we look forward to this being a fun event and finale to the 2013 season!

2014 UPDATE: 2014 UPDATE: GRSC is excited to announce the creation of its Sailing School Program. Building off the success of two previous programs, it is a merger of the Winches and the Family Sailing pilot program. No boat ownership or previous experience is required to participate. The program casts off in May with three 60-minute workshops held at the GRSC clubhouse. Once students complete the workshops they will have the opportunity to join GRSC members on Lake Michigan during Monday Night "Lite" racing in a non-competitive environment. This program is geared towards both families and adults. The goal is to provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment where those who may have no sailing experience, gain the confidence to begin racing or perhaps invest in their own boat.